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ODIN – Large-scale Pilot Lines

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  • Automotive Pilot Line: This pilot investigates the assembly process of a vehicle car engine. The selected assembly process is divided in 3 different operations : a) motor and gearbox connection b) additional parts installation on the assembled motor and c) quality inspection of screws, connectors and other parts of the motor and gearbox assembly.
  • Aeronautics Pilot Line: The Aeronautics pilot line focuses on the automation of the tasks required for A320 Neo Fan-cowls production using a mobile dual robot. The involved operations are: a) template base drilling operations, b) safe autonomous transportation and c) assembly inspection.
  • White Goods Pilot Line: : This ODIN pilot is focused on making customization easier and improving the current robot solution in the white goods industry. This pilot case is centralized on Human – Robot Collaboration for the transformer’s installation in an oven but also cooktops and knobs placement on the top of a cooktop burner.