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ODIN – Challenges & Vision

Despite the fact that robots have very well proven their flexibility and efficiency in mass production and are recognized as the production resource of the future, their adoption in lower volume, diverse environment is [...]

ODIN – Components

The ODIN Large Scale Pilot concept visualizes, several robotics technologies which are being integrated for the execution of a specific production task grouped in 4 main ODIN components: Open Component (OC).This component is a small [...]

ODIN – Large-scale Pilot Lines

Automotive Pilot Line: This pilot investigates the assembly process of a vehicle car engine. The selected assembly process is divided in 3 different operations : a) motor and gearbox connection b) additional parts installation [...]

ODIN – List of Core Assets – Key Exploitable Results

Prototype for a tailor-made cybersecurity solution, including the process and methodology for threat modelling and a cybersecurity toolkit with two main modules for incident detection and incident response. One of the main constraints that [...]