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ODIN – List of Core Assets – Key Exploitable Results

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Prototype for a tailor-made cybersecurity solution, including the process and methodology for threat modelling and a cybersecurity toolkit with two main modules for incident detection and incident response.

One of the main constraints that holds back the adoption of collaborative robotics is the high complexity of design of HRC applications, and more specifically the introduction of Safety Systems in balance with productivity. In order to reduce Risk Assessments times and efforts during design phases, normally requiring several iterations, the new risk assessment methodologies of HRI applications will combine the use of Simulation models and tools, together with the adaption of traditional methodologies.

A software solution based on OpenFlow that integrates and orchestrates HRC modules, monitors the execution and responds to shopfloor events to complete a given production goal.

OpenFlow can orchestrate, model and control many diverse state-of-the-art software and software controlled mechatronic systems such as cobots, mobile robots, agvs, AR applications, AI detection and prediction software, as well as sensors, machinery, planning and ERP systems.

Novel mobile robotics platform that permits an easy and flexible management of production tasks. The platform is based on the integration of two COMAU stand-alone robotic resources: the Agile 1500 AGV and the Racer5 Cobot.

The adoption of such integrated platform will allow an augmented flexibility in the production line as well as a high rate of reconfigurability of the platform in a complete collaborative and open environment.

The ML solution for quality inspection (QI) consists of a system that can work on inspecting quality of automotives engines in real time. The QI system incorporates two main modules or tools, a) a learning tool module and b) a production tool module.  ML solution is an industrial software for Quality inspection process for nonexperts operators.


Augmented reality suite assisting operators in Human-Robot Collaborative environments in which resources collaboration is required for different assembly tasks execution. Thanks to its integration with the shopfloor’s Digital Twin and Robotic Operation System (ROS), the AR suite achieves the efficient HRC in multiple aspects namely:

  • assembly guidance provision,
  • robot controlling,
  • interaction with gripping tools,
  • safety awareness,
  • resilience in case of robot actions failure,
  • cyber security and
  • quality inspection result awareness.